MIGOS – You Wanna See Lyrics

(Chorus – Quavo)
Your ho wanna f**k, I don’t want her
Popped a perc and I’m geeked in Aroma
You rented it, I’m the owner
Took your ho cause she gave me a boner
Look at my dab persona
In the trap I serve a stoner
My ni**as came from the corner
I got the birds, they sing like the Jonas
Eating up rappers, they boneless
I’m finna pull up right on em
I’m finna pull up right on em
Spraying at all my opponents
Birds they sing like the Jonas
Feeling like Don Corleone in
We hear that you plotting, we on it
I call my ni**a to dump him

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
Trapping, wrapping up the fungus
My ni**as came from nothing
Really I came from the country
In the city got it bunking
Really she gon get some money
Really that ho up to something
You can really smell me fore I’m coming
Cause Quavo got a whole onion
I used to trap out the ounces
You say you got checks and they bouncing
I make a public announcement
I’m having bricks in all of my houses
I make a public announcement
I’m getting money while you ni**as lousy
Shoot a ni**a with a rocket like Lowry
Wipe a ni**a’s nose like I use Bounty
Quicker picker upper, you a s**ker
Cut his body up then drop it in the bowl, cut it
I got a white ho speaking Russian
Sad to say you ni**as drinking Tussin
Give me my dab, I’m taking custody
Hop out the Lam and start busting
You want your ho back but she stuck to me
RIP Mike and Pistol Pete
New to you, but it’s old to me
Walking in flames, I can’t see my feet
All of you ni**as want to be like me
The radio sounding like mini-me’s
Take a knee, you need to honor me
K I N motherf**king G
Migo gang, we an army
Pull up on me if you want to see

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Offset)
Feeling like a million
Drinking Don Pérignon
Started out pitching bombs
Buying houses for our moms
I’m thanking god today
We had a harder way
I’m on a bar today
I’m whipping up Mary and Kate
Sipping on drink to the face
I don’t even know what I ate
We do not go out on dates
I’ma just f**k the ho’s face
YRN, with the bass
I got an M in my safe
I got a stick to be safe
She wanna give me some face
Hop in that Rari and race it
I got some molly, I taste it
28 b*tches, they naked
28 b*tches, ain’t basic
On the north side where we based at
Roll up a Backwood and face that
Strike on the dash, I just raped em
Beat on my chest, I just aped em
She wanna go to Aroma
Do what I say cause I own her
Chanel perfume all on you
I be getting high, I be zoning in
I done f**ked around and got two hoes again
I ain’t never going to the hole again
I’m a dog on these hoes like a Doberman
I’m a boss to these ni**as, get chauffeured in

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Takeoff)
I call my ni**as to stick em up, give it up
Shaking like a stripper, tighten up
Migos Wikipedia, you can type it up
Bigger than Look At My Dab and Pipe It Up
Skating on ice but I’m not with the Mighty Ducks
When I pour they say I pour too much
Who the f**k said they get high as us?
Yung Rich Nation, who be fly as us?
These ni**as drinking on Robitus
Give em the bubble gum, serving detention bus
I put that bi**h on the pork, she can’t get enough
Got these bi**hes playing double dutch
Put that d**k in her mouth, tell her pucker up
Catch you biting the dab, you get s**ker punched
After I f**k that bi**h once, then punt
Ain’t no going out for lunch
I told these ni**as bout whipping and flipping these chickens
They say I ain’t give em none
I gave these ni**as the flow that they using
And ni**as they act like I owe em some
My plug he just touched down in Lebanon
He teach me the gas like he Farrakhan
When you see 12 you supposed to run
Ain’t no James Bond, got the golden gun
Tonight we gon f**k up Aroma
Leave that and walk into Mansion
Go grab a chicken, plus some cheetahs
Or f**k it, I might go hit Magic
Big booty thot, she was a pornstar
Rose gold collection for the rose bar
Now I might black out and talking bout
My double cup filled with that bar

(Repeat Chorus)

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