MIGOS – WOA Lyrics

(Chorus – Takeoff)
Big, body, Benz, damn
Cookies, perc-ys, mollies, Xans
Frostbite, spotlight, cheat code, G-code
Diamonds, gold, neck, woah
Big, body, Benz, damn
Cookies, perc-ys, mollies, Xans
Frostbite, spotlight, cheat code, G-code
Diamonds, gold, neck, woah

(Verse 1 – Takeoff)
Pipe up this bi**h
If she is basic I pipe up your bi**h
Make it dark in this bi**h
Don’t worry cause I got some light on my wrist
Want to talk about dabbing
The difference between us and them, we created that s**t
Stacking money ever since
If it ain’t about money it don’t make sense
Dope in the troop and it’s two percent tint
Dope in the coochie, young pimp in this bi**h
Keep it 100, I’m sick of this bi**h
Never ate breakfast but eat out the grits
Hold that bi**h down but she can’t get the stick
Taking a trip, I’ma give her the d**k
Chew it up, eat it up like it’s a Twix
Most of these ni**as not, they counterfeit
Go see your jeweler my ni**a, you tripping
Your diamonds so little that they got me squinting
I forgot to mention you tryna get a verse from me
Then I’m gonna have to charge you a ten
Then I go 24 karat my kitchen
Fell asleep on drank at the house party with Diddy
Who the f**k said we ain’t plugged in the city
Never mind, ni**as done turned into crickets

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Quavo)
Pistols, hammers, AKs, bananas
Dirty, Diana, on molly, dandruff
This my propaganda, riding round Atlanta
I see a hundred cameras, doing shows in Alabama
I’m not your average rapper
Come to my trap, I’ll tax ya
My diamonds came from Africa, like Michael Blackson
I spent 10k in Magic, two bi**hes f**ked my fashion
They think because I’m rapping, Houdini won’t do magic
Working the water, Atlantic
Money stretched out to Kansas
Big body panoramic
I told your bi**h to get the dancer
Shoot a ni**a, hit the canvas
Get off my grass like I’m Stanley
I’m higher than a chimpanzee
Ranked number one, my standings

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Offset)
Look at my diamonds, they wink and say peek-a-boo
I shock the block like I’m Pikachu
I shot the Glock, tried to kill a few
I put that dope in her dookie chute
We f**k these bi**hes, we switch-a-roo
I had to beat it like Michael do
I get the Sprite and I spike a deuce
I create flames when I’m in the booth
Wide, body, I’m bout to buy me an island
Dab, stylish, these not on the shelf, you can’t find em
Ice, blind em, if I’m eyeing it told you I’m buying it
We together, we never divided
Like a feather I’m flier than pilots
Chew my dab up just like it is Trident
Keep it real with you ni**as, we tried it
Got to hit hard and move silent
If it’s bout the money then I’m riding
If you broke, need a job, I can hire you
Offset, your dab is expiring
Your pockets ain’t straight, need alignment
The bando is my type of environment