Bobby Shmurda Pleads For Bail Reduction, ‘I Am Not Rich’

Bobby Shmurda has been behind bars for over a year now. The New York rapper is saying that the reason that he is still behind bars is because his bail is set too high.

Shmurda bail is set at $2 million and on Tuesday a judge denied his request to lower his bail. TMZ reported that his lawyer, Alex Spiro, argued in court that his client $20 million net worth is grossly exaggerated.

Spiro added that the “Hot Ni**a” rapper’s net worth is closer to $427k. Therefore his bail should have been set to the $50-100k range.

Bobby Shmurda was arrested during a raid on a studio in New York in December 2014. His trial is set to begin in February. His charges ranges from conspiracy to commit murder to drugs and weapons charges.

He faces life imprisonment if found guilty.

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