2 MILLY, Rick Ross & A$AP Ferg – Milly Rock (Remix) Lyrics

(Verse 1 – A$AP Ferg)
I Milly Rock and I’m Diddy bopping
My flow dumb, Andy Milonakis
Make em say um like Silkk the Shocker
Take your girl and give her Fendi, Prada
Now we finna go to Bennihana’s
Ambition of a rider, pay attention to your daughter
You the son and I’m the father
Put your chick up in designer
Hit it, now that booty fatter
Damn Ferg done made it
I heard he working with my daughter
Guess I won’t feel a thing til I’m humping on Rihanna
Watch how I kill the game when I hit it with the album
I’ma hit it with another one, bouta call up DJ Khaled
Another one
On my Rolls feet, couple pairs of designer
At Club Lust, getting turnt up, you know I be wyling

(Chorus – 2 Milly)
I Milly Rock on any block
I Milly Rock on any block
I Milly Rock on any block
I Milly Rock on any block
I Milly Rock on any block
I Milly Rock on any block
I Milly Rock on any block
I Milly Rock on any block

(Verse 2 – 2 Milly)
I Milly Rock on any block
In my Polo T, and my Polo socks
On top of cars my face hot
I Milly Rock on that Gates block
They got me on their explore page
I’ve been milly rocking for four days
Nah, we don’t battle, I never, man
We just Milly Rock, when we’re hella bent
I’m smoking weed, I’m counting cash
I’m milly rocking on Patchen Ave
First arms up, then left and right
That MJ get out my sight
I buss the dance, just hit me up
That drink strong, I mix it up
We hopping out, and we hitting this
On any block rock militant

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Rick Ross)
I’m the talk and that’s off the top
Ankle monitor over my sock
Black Market is all we got
Christmas time, gift wrapping blocks
Swear Yeezy, rainy day I floss
808, y’all a boss
Last name and I say the biggest
You falling off like Philip Rivers
Dab bi**h, like I’m Cam Newton, dab
Flex harder than Lex Luger, dab
My….hard and my set ruthless, dab
I been rich and your…been dab
Her eyelash and her weave long, dab
My Mulsanne twenty feet long, damn
My temper short, this match stick, dab
I burn the..down that quick, dab

(Repeat Chorus)

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