Mike Will Made it ft. Future – Al Sharpton Lyrics

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(Verse 1)
Really I’m a mothaf**king drug dealer
Smoke me a blunt with some Blood ni**as
I just dipped my whole Lac
I just bought my whole check
I don’t do no old whips
But I will f**k my old bi**h
Done em down, don’t spare that ni**a
Catch him now, then air that ni**a
Catch him down, then air that ni**a
Sell some pounds with my migos and them
Then I go f**k on your bi**h
I’ma just give her some star status
Ni**as be acting like bi**hes
Don’t hang around, ni**a, they too trashy
40 Glock, plastic, this s**t can get too tragic
You wanna just get it, you gotta have it
We just bought the store, we don’t carry bags
Ni**a, might smoke a joint, throw a barbecue
You just caught your first body, dawg I’m proud of you
My ni**as like to drink syrup and serve dog food
I had to get my bag together fore I called you
Aye, stand on the corner a thousand days
Flipping the money a thousand ways
Working and working for better days
Man I’m working that work for some better days
Get that money, bae, then I elevate
Then I elevate, get that money, bae
Aquafina in my watch, oh yeah
Got some Aquafina in my watch, oh yeah
That’s a new Dominican, some Fiji pu**y
That’s that water, water, make me eat that pu**y
Had the plugged in but I kept on looking
Had a 9-way and I keep on cooking
I’m a self-made ni**a, keep on looking
I’m a self-paid ni**a, keep on looking
Got the white Benz and they think we’re serving
Bought the black Benz and they think we serving
Got them goons with me and they secret service
Man these goon ni**as like the secret service
When the club close, ni**a, get to lurking
On them, I don’t smoke no dirty
That’s my OG like they hit that dirty
He a wild ni**a, call him wild turkey
Wild ni**as are hungry and thirsty
You a loud ni**a, I ain’t ever worried
Y’all ni**as ain’t ever worthy
Nah y’all bi**hes ain’t ever worthy

Al Sharpton on these hoes, yeah
Go Al Sharpton on these hoes, yeah
Hot boys, we go warfare
We some hot boys, we want warfare
Lost money, ni**a, lost time, ni**a
Bounced back, got more cheddar
More checks mean more cheddar
More checks, that’s more cheddar

(Verse 2)
Park the car like a boat there
I’m gonna park the car like a boat there
Hotel, got your hoe there
At the St. Regis, got your hoe there
Top floor like a ballplayer
F**k more b*tches than a ballplayer
F**ked her friends on the hoe, yeah
I went behind the back on that hoe, yeah
F**ked her friends on the hoe, yeah
I went behind the back on that hoe, yeah
Tell me you didn’t think I was gon do it to you
Addicted to these bad, bad bi**hes
Addicted to these pain, pain pills
I just wanna lay it down, trill
A lesson from eye to eye contact, baby
I woke up to your girl, she was laying butt naked
She thoroughbred, watch a ni**a fall, settle
Pop a few Xans, then I fall in her
Show them diamond bands then I fall in her
Diamonds so big, look like they’re falling off
Butt so big, I ain’t falling off
This spot too little, s**t, wall to wall
I bent her over, instantly went wall to wall

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Ebro Darden & Future)
Mike Will Made It
You know that his name is Mike Will Made It?
He made that album