Dexta Daps Nude Photos Leaked Online By Dancehall Groupie

Dexta Daps doing some damage control after some nude photos of the dancehall star leaked online by a well known dancehall groupie.

The dancehall sensation became a trending topic on social media after his nude photos were leaked online allegedly by a well known European based female dancehall groupie.

Dexta Daps Removed “7Eleven” Video From YouTube After Criticism From Fans

The photos hit the net on Tuesday night. Sources close to Dexta Daps confirmed with Urban Islandz that he is the person in the pics. The female who allegedly leaked the photos is also in one of the two images.

Sources told us that she is a well known dancehall groupie that has in the past linked to Bounty Killer, I-Octane, Jahmiel, and Black Ryno. Seems Dexta Daps is her new victim.

Dexta Daps leak groupie

Foota Hype has also weighed in on the issue via his Instagram page. Foota also confirmed that she use to date Shampoo.

Dexta Daps could not be reached for a comment.


  1. Why do they choose to sleep with thirsty fame hungry whores who will expose them and why not lay down with a real respectful black woman who’s all about him and Pro create? He’s too pretty to be so dumb. Guess guys will get with anything maybe because they are just as low. In this case was the quickie with a well known groupie really worth it? Sigh at least he isn’t shameful of what is exposed. (Thankfully in his case). The only thing that’s exposed is his poor life decisions and taste in women.

    • Maybe he doesn’t like black women…? So he was sleeping with his charlie out and she just happen to take a pic?

  2. Saw the photos and Dexta Daps is packing. a true wa them say bout maga man always packing.