Lutan Fyah – Giggling Lyrics

Sharlene seh shi hot and boasty
Mi know shi got pretty eyes
A pop style, you better pop off the kyle
Shi nuh waan no broke pocket guy

When shi see money shi giggling, shi giggling
Shi just giggling, giggling, giggling
Shi giggling, shi giggling
Shi just giggling, giggling, giggling

(Verse 1)
Seh if you waan see her smile just pop off the kyle
Right there shi get wild
Shi giggling, shi young and fertile
And shi nuh waan breed and carry no man child
Shi giggling
Shi deh dance a night time
And a morning water naw boil
Shi giggling
Shi pretty like a any goldmine
But her mind it don’t worth a dine
Shi giggling
Foreigner fly in
Shi giggling
Shi see the pretty car
Shi giggling
Shi a roll wid a star and still a pree another man a buy out the bar

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Cho a guy a bwal fi go spend blue note
And him cyaa even spell cash
A tell mi seh him have ten baby mother
And still naw go set on a pot
Yet still the guy full a tough chat
And a walk wid a collesh knockoff
And a tell mi seh a dem run the block
And a trust out the corner man shop
Some don weh love yap
In a the sergeant lap
Sell the youths everyday skull a burst
Fi go live up pon the hill top

(Repeat Chorus)