Kranium Ft Masicka – Beach House Lyrics

As a youth, one thing mi always pree paw my TV
Richer than most weh mi always see
Yea, and mi naw sell out fi vanity

Some beach house, buy a criss boat
Big car man a drive out
Me and my dawgs dem ready fi road
Mi browning by mi side and wi ready fi roll

And some dream house
Pon a criss boat
Big bikes man a wheel out
Me and mi dawgs dem ready fi road
Mi girlfriend by mi side and shi ready fi roll

(Verse 1)
Haffi rich now
Right now mommy haffi seet
Three pickney pon one bed
Ground shi haffi sleep
Sweat that haffi change a suh mi jump in a the street
And mi go hunt in a the street fi buy the house dem and the jeep
And when mi born, God know it never sweet
Father gone a jail house, baby just a creep
Now mi haffi sail out, meck the cash whole heap
Family a count paw mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Right now you know mi haffi find time
Caw mi in a mi prime time suh mi naw waste time
Anyweh the money deh mi go fi that
Mine weh you a do caw mi nuh duppy bat

Sit down and a write rhyme my time
Rims pon the right shine
Mi gyal have the right wine
House haffi build mi buy a couple block
See mi see mi goal and go fi that

(Repeat Chorus 2X)