Vershon – Say Weh Yuh Feel (Too Hype) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Dem chat bout mi too hype
And dem nuh love how mi a function
All because dem nuh know weh mi a come from
Mi a chad from the ghetto
Full a whole heap a gun
You should a happy seh mi never turn a gun man
Badmind dem nuh appreciate
When dem see a youth a rise dem apprefiate
Nough a dem waan mi fall back in the race
Suh dem sit down and a plan fi put traps in mi way
Meanwhile dem a fight a pon Jah, Jah, mi a call
Suh dutty badmind dem nuh bother mi at all
One step at a time, up the ladder mi a crawl
Suh pagan go s**k yo mother wid a straw

Dem heart corrupt like virus pon a thumb drive
Fight against the youths cause dem nuh waan fi see none rise
All the try dem a try mi future done bright
Suh mi must rise like how the sun rise

Badmind, seh weh you feel fi seh
Mouth did meck fi talk
A money mi a pree fi meck
Badmind go f**k off and low mi yaw

Seh weh you feel fi seh
Mouth did meck fi talk
A money mi a pree fi meck
Badmind unuh f**k off and low mi yaw

(Verse 2)
Dem seh mi hype true mi start dress clean
Dem nuh member when mi use to walk crep lean
All the while man gi dem
And when man nuh gi dem, dem talk bout mi start get mean
Nough sell out and go start step lean
Badmind dem bother true dem cyaa get fi him
Nuh waa work, dem nuh waan sweat feet
Suh dem meck man a call dem queen

Mi see clear dem heart dark and ugly
Suh mi nuh care weh dem waan talk bout mi
A nuh money meck mi hype
A because God love mi
Suh pagan f**k off and low mi

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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