Shawn Storm – High Up Lyrics

Right now the thing high up
Mi a wuk the money, naw beg nobody
Mi gone sky up

Yo thing high up
Nuh diss the kind mi will clip yo wing
From you love fly up
When you hear sclow then nuh bother try duck

(Verse 1)
Use to live in a the streets and a batter, batter
Mouth full a white squall, eye pack a matter
Now Jah brush mi off, now mi got allot a
No more fry sprat, just proper snapper
Ghetto youth aim high to the top a that a
Achieve yo goal supn like a Asafa
Rather open a shot or go knock a soccer
Try sing or go rap like Wacka Flocka

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi member one long, long, time
Aids was the worsest thing to mankind
A nuh poverty, no a nuh damn crime
Is a sickness weh dem call badmind
Suh mi pree people when dem talk
A wish bad wid evil heart
Just nuh cross mi lane when you see me walk
Else you hear the eagle talk

Every ghetto youth mi know get fight
So nuh talk, deal wid the situation
F**k remarks
Plan fi the future fi get the parts
And try meck a million fast

(Repeat Chorus 2X)