Navino – Life Change Lyrics

Life change
Work hard everyday
Suh man a live a better life now
Life change
All a mi dreams a become reality now

Life change
Likkle youth like mi
Big man a call boss now
Life change
We young and we getting it
We young and we making it

(Verse 1)
Things way better than then
Man stop barrow and start lend
Nuh hungry again
Me and no landlord no have nuh problem
Cause a me a collect the rent dem

Mi remember when clothe was a big problem
Now mi full a pants and shirt, shoes
Mi don’t even remember dem
Life change, but mi still a roll wid the same friends
Only thing change a the checks weh fi spend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
It never easy no
Nough hard work
Nough sweat
Still no fi get the help weh mi get
Suh mi haffi tell Donia respect
And even though wi nuh link again a suh the thing set
Life is not always what you expect
But in life changes haffi meck

(Repeat Chorus)