Chi Ching Ching – Roast Or Fry Lyrics

Breadfruit, you waan breadfruit?
Just tell mi if you want breadfruit

Breadfruit, you want breadfruit?
Catch the dance weh dem call breadfruit

Watch the dance
Roast or fry, roast or fry
Catch the dance
Roast or fry, roast or fry

Breadfruit, you want breadfruit?
Tell mi if you want roast breadfruit

(Verse 1)
Seet deh, now mi hotline a bling
Gyal a come fi the breadfruit lim
Ching a sing, everybody dancing
All gyal to, mi nuh do the man sparing
Breadfruit a roast everybody gather round
Desha seh shi love off the breadfruit sound
To how Ching hot when this drop
Breadfruit haffi raise down a town

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Everybody do the dance
Famous a do the dance
Cook kid a do the dance
Gabbi Don a do the dance
Energy a do the dance
Shake Spear a do the dance
Loggo-loggo do the dance
Which Dance?

(Repeat Chorus)