Shauna Chin Says Gully Bop Abused Her Denies Cheating

The Gully Bop and Shauna Chin fallout is growing bitter by the day.

Chin, who recently launched her own music career, is accusing her ex-boyfriend Gully Bop of serious abuse over their one-year relationship.

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“Every time I said something to you (Gully Bop) about your career or foolishness that you’re doing you want to put your hands on me,” Shauna Chin said in a recent interview. “I am not devaluing myself for you.”

Chin also said that she is still willing to work things out with Gully Bop despite their bitter split. She also denied cheating on the viral dancehall deejay.

“A up at Panter son me and Bop live and there are a lot of cameras there so tell him to roll out the cameras since he believes that I am bringing man in the house,” she said in a video posted on her Facebook page.

She also denies having Gully Bop visa and other travel documents.



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  2. “The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment.”

    • Let me guess, you don’t believe her… what’s new?

      • You feel sorry for her? lol

      • Why would I? People act like it’s the end of the world when people break up. You feel sorry for him due to his hardship,so you’re naturally biased. + you think women are conspiring to take you (men) down.

      • No just successful black men seem to always get it the worse in the public eye. Head spit with pad lock, bites, and accusations of crack use. If she was a sane woman, she would just leave, no issues.

      • So did you miss the part where she said he abused her? She’s not a robot why would she “just leave”?

      • This old man abused her lmao, she did so much damage to him, its funny you so naive.If he abused her it would show and she full of chat to defend herself. Stop being gullible, you got to know when someone full of it.

      • I’m not naïve or gullible. I just don’t think this was the Romeo & Juliet kind of relationship that you envisioned. I’m sure your grandparents are strong enough to knock you out.

      • No they can’t knock me out lol.. I see some grass roots of feminist stuff from you for some time. You need a chill pill :x.

      • Mine can. You want some poor woman to just walk away without confronting you, really?

      • He confronted her in bed with a another man and she hit him with a padlock.

      • Dude she decided the relationship was over at that point. That’s hardly cheating.

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    • I agree if you sit and listen to her nonsense over and over again it sounds so staged bout man a try kill her. Man want kill you but opening gate for you Shauna please go sell it to the old pope. Moreover she red skin where are her bruises? Instead of beat the man with a padlock why she never put it on her panani? Both of them are wrong and careless with money. She been giving interviews after interviews since her story can’t stop sell.

  3. She is taking credit for BOP career,and exposure to music.Bop was making music before shauna chin was born.He was country man and Laing was the person who discover GULLY Bop.She use the man and sabotage his career,thinking if BOP bust bigger he would leave her was.About the beauty and beast thing thieving chin mention,who is the vicious beauty?and who is the beast?chin a both of them.She a pirate.too much man in r life.

  4. A so you know lots of things wrong with this picture. She has launched her music career that is fine and dandy but move on with your life, if he is abusing you and you him why would you want to stay until you both kill each other? Another thing why would you even want to mention working it out? You beat the man with a padlock what is there to work out? Next thing again you and him don’t own no house and no car you renting everything from people the 2 of you together is tragic and don’t know how to handle money dash way that and move on. Nice of you to take him out of the gully and clean him up but move along.