Skillz – 2015 Rap Up Lyrics

Boom bye bye, people lend me an ear
It’s time to say goodbye to the previous year
The highs and the lows, let’s get it in gear
The 2014 Rap Up, you know why I’m here

(Steve Harvey clip)
Listen, folks. Let me just take control of this
This is exactly what’s on the card
I will take responsibility for this
It was my mistake
It was on the card
Horrible mistake, still a great night

I meant 2015, I’m sorry
I meant 2015 Rap Up
Boom bye bye, people lend me an ear
It’s time to say goodbye to the previous year
The highs and the lows, let’s get it in gear
The 2015 Rap Up, you know why I’m here
Pats won the Superbowl off a terrible play
You ask me, the Seahawks really gave it away
And the wait was over to see 50 Shades of Grey
Chicks was all hyped, guys was like uhh, okay
In typical fashion that left y’all wanting more
It came and it ended and you still ain’t get yours
Brian Williams lying had him leaving that desk
And I never really cared about the color of the dress
From Hilary’s emails to Eddie on SNL
And they blurred the pockets of Robin Thicke and Pharrell
Charlamagne changed, they say he on that fluid
We’ve been saying lighten up for years, I didn’t think he’d actually do it
Zane hit One Direction with a good and a bye!
I got an Apple watch too and I still ain’t sure why
Trap Queen hit the scene, Fetty Wap on fire
And if you wasn’t watching Power, it was probably Empire
Cookie and Lucious was doing the most
If I ever had real beef, I’ll call Tommy and Ghost
Y’all dipped, then whipped and brought the Nae Nae back
You’re still slaves to your phones cause now you’re on Snapchat
And Rachel was white, but felt like she was black
I mean, don’t we all know a white girl like that?
And the cops still killing us, you can’t deny it
What they did to Freddie Gray caused an all out riot
It’s us against them if you look at all the factors
From Black Lives Matter to All Lives Matter
Agree to disagree, but I’ll tell you this much
Yeah, black lives matter, but they only matter to us
Between falling and fighting, Diddy got it together
And Creed was actually better than Pacquiao and Mayweather
Taylor and the Weeknd had a hell of a year
Caitlyn Jenner told Bruce bruh, I got it from here”
I think Bruce figured it out
Like I got to be a bad ass bi**h if I want to win in this house
Ciara and Russell Wilson wasn’t f**king around
They wasn’t shooting up black churches, they was burning them down
And Trump trumped us all, I’ll say it again
It’s all fun and games til the fool actually win
And the other candidates, we wasn’t listening to you
But that Uptown Funk kept giving it to you
Y’all hopped on hoverboards and kept busting your ass
Down goes another one like the Confederate flag
Dre finally dropped the album, that move was trill
Cosby thing ain’t over, they’re still coming for Bill
Best flick, Straight Outta Compton, the movie was ill
Beef off the year would have to be Drake and Meek Mill
And I remember when them two dudes was friends
Drake got him with the buzz, but the memes did him in
You can’t win on the internet, and that’s the facts
After that, the whole world was singing Back to Back
Bieber dropped a hit and got back on track
Bruh, y’all look so wack in them flat cowboy hats
And Raven comments had me crying
I’m like Raven, why you lying?
A lot of hope when the Pope came through the hood
And Nicki called out shorty like Miley, what’s good?
50 and Ross found a way to collide
Lamar Odom did too much, man he almost died
And y’all gon have to prove it
Social media, where you can say you’re praying, but you ain’t actually do it
And shouts to the little kid that made that clock
Be thankful that he ain’t try to kill at a traffic stop
And that chick in Kentucky had everybody vexed
Wouldn’t approve of marriages, they had the same sex
Divorced four times, three different guys
I thinking, damn, why you ain’t try the other side?
Letterman left, Deflategate on the scene
Two things that get you sick, Chipotle and Charlie Sheen
ISIS still here trying to take our freedom
And everybody singing about their hotline blinging
Adele said hello and Kobe said goodbye
And y’all lost your damn mind over Patti LaBelle pies
Back to the Future Day, yeah that was a trip
Oh you want Kylie’s lips, watch out lil bih
And I’m dabbing right now since the world is watching
And what they say, you do what you won’t when you’re popping
Steph couldn’t miss, Ronda ate that kick
Y’all went from saying fleek to saying everything’s lit
And rappers making rap-up, yeah y’all funny
You ain’t have the antidote, so bi**h, have my money
And Jared from Subway, coming for kids
And now he swallowing footlongs for 15 years
They redid the Wiz Amy Schumer got big
Kim and Ye had lil Saint, bro, listen to the kids
These random attacks got to change something
Cause every other day, somebody dying over nothing
Just love whoever you come across
A big R.I.P. to everybody we lost
Celebrate life and just live, my friend
Ask Khaled, cause they don’t really want to see us win
Mad Skillz reporting live from the scene
And that’s the rap up, welcome to 2016