Gully Bop Exposed Shauna Chin Says Relationship Was Fake

Gully Bop is on full on PR mode exposing his estrange fiance Shauna Chin.

The dancehall deejay and Chin made headlines yesterday after she posted video showing Bop trying to get into her car. She says she was in fear of her life.

But now Gully Bop is giving his side of the story, speaking with Winford Williams, Bop says that he found out that she was cheating on him.

“My head swell and bite marks are all over my body and doctors say my skull has a crack at the back,” the deejay said. “I wasn’t born as a killer so I couldn’t kill a woman that I am sleeping with and I wouldn’t try hurt a woman that I am trying to live with. But the fact is this is all because she slept with this guy in my house whenever she knows that I am not there.”

Gully Bop says it was another girl that was around Chin who told him about her infidelity.

Bop even went on to accused Chin of having an affair with one of her friends baby daddy.

Watch the videos below.



  1. Yes that about sums it up this is what I meant when I said he is a mad man. He knew all along Chin antics and put up with a what kind of man bold and bright a wear a next man suit.

  2. Pathetic them lucky them bread butter him a mad man and she is a loser a dirty nasty rotten loser. How can she take advantage of him regardless. You don’t want him but you want his money life don’t work so. I hope he can make all his money back and get a new manager and fresh start just for the sake of his children. Leave these type of woman woman behind. Even he deserves a good life.