Gucci Mane – Vampire Lyrics

Baby girl I think that you a vampire
I can’t even look you in the eye
You rarely see miss lady in the day time
Baby she’s a creature of the night
I met my girlfriend in the graveyard
She could never work a 9 to 5
She closed the curtains and she turned the blinds down
Cause baby girl a creature of the night

(Verse 1)
Zone 6 stoner, long dope runner
Big Guwop, Brick Squad, stand tall
My diamonds got insomnia, my bi**h is nocturnal
She a sophomore, just start s**king d**k, but she’s a fast learner
Candy paint on all my jewelry, you can call me Willy Wonka
MAC 11 in my MCM bag, clipper anaconda
Got the twenty two like…so ni**a know you gonna fumble
4 cars, red million dollars, Gucci Mane summer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Gucci got straps like Any-Kinda
Got a vampire bi**h, she a rider
Black nails, black lips, black eyeliner
Black hair to her butt, Elvira
Bling man, white teeth, white powder
Black car, gold teeth, switched style up
White Rock bands, brick squad Wilder
Get…these high, Eddy King Junior

(Repeat Chorus 2X)