Shauna Chin Beat Up Gully Bop Over Cheating Deejay Gives His Side Of The Story

Gully Bop has broken his silence about allegations that he tried to kill his fiance Shauna Chin.

A video surfaced online on Tuesday showing Chin in fear of her life claiming that Gully Bop is going mad and tried to kill her. Now we are finally getting the other side of the story, Gully Bop posted his own video telling his fans that he caught Chin cheating in their house and she knocked him to the ground with a padlock.

The video obtained by Urban Islandz show Gully Bop looking dazed with blood dripping down his face. Sources close to the deejay told us that he is currently getting checked out at the hospital for possible serious head injuries.

Bop says that he was in the country performing and returned home to find Shauna Chin in their house with another man. The deejay says that they have been having problems for the last three months.

“She bring man in a my house because she think I was in the country,” Bop said.


  1. Amson Gucci Addi-Innocent

    Long time me a see dis coming. Pretty pon di utside but ugly inside. Beg noting Gully Bop.

  2. Tell Me,Tell Me that you love me,was the track Gully and Vnitta Glanville recorded,and Chin wicked like dirt did not even put the teaser of the track on GULLY.Facebook site to promote the track.even when Jimmy Fallon heard Tell Me,and contact vnitta people and dem contact Gully manager chin fe tell her to inform Gully,who was on tour in the U.S. at the time.Chin sabotage GULLY and Vnitta golden opportunity to appear before 30plus million viewers on the tonight show with jimmy fallon.She,chin return the call a.3’weeks after been first notified,and curse out Vnittas reps when them told her that both GULLY and Vnitta lost out big time.The gal.a wicked and she sabotage gully career.

  3. Gully bop and chin life is no one’s to judge … No one knew the outcome of anything … Its just that some will say “mi did know ” while others will say “well its just life” my personal opinion is chin n gully bop business a fi them business nobody naa deh there when them a mek them sweet love n future plan suh som a d goody too shoes who never do nothing wrong yet must ….. Stop being judgemental

  4. Feel bad for the bop still.People just ah mek ah mockery out of it.

  5. Just like ball players,rappers etc..The love of money trumps looks. But dudes want to say they hv a bad chic on their arm. You hv to pay in that world. And damn someone pull that damn thick tooth out.Get him some dentures or something He was looking for love she was looking for an easy mark. Feel bad for him. He could press charges get a protection order and cut her off that would be the smart thing to do.

    • He is absolutely nuts she was the last person who should have been managing him. The girl is an opportunist you know you have a man and him teeth no right use his money and take him go dentist. Gimme a break how could he perform like that besides all his money is gone. Back home in Jamaica these types of girls call them Foo Fool man and they Nam them out shame on her. She soon get what the duck get.

  6. This is pathetic. I was rooting for them.

  7. The whole world seen this coming but not like this. Most high judgement was swift, now you feeling because you didnt hear the warnings smh.

  8. Me say me body a weak and me cant see straight. What Gully Bop expect we all know she a fraud from long time bout she love him. She love him money that’s what she love.