Rick Ross Calls His ‘Black Market’ Album A Street Classic Worthy Of A Grammy

Rick Ross is calling his new album Black Market a instant classic in the street.

The Maybach Music Group chief released a promo video praising his latest body of work as worthy of a Grammy award.

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“This is Grammy-worthy music,” Rozay told WorldStatHipHop. “It’s for the Grammy people, ya dig? But for the streets, y’all already made it a classic. That’s what I do it for. I do it for the streets.”

Rick Ross new album Black Market debut with disappointing first week sales figures with 21,798 copies sold in the first week.

Despite these disappointing sales figures, Rick Ross sees the album as a masterpiece.

The MMG rapper also got some roast from his rival 50 Cent who called the album a brick. “Is that a rock or a brick?” 50 said in a video posted on ThisIs50.

50 Cent also alleges that Rick Ross bought 15,000 copies of the 34,000 projected album sales.


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  1. The album is pure trash nobody is listening to that garbage. I always knew Rick Ross wasn’t a good rapper and this album this prove my point.