Safaree & Bounty Killer – Bad Tings Lyrics

(Verse 1)
My little girl don,t be acting all stucker
Told my old one to fall back and hit the brucker
Don’t rush my hour bi**h I ain’t Chris Tucker
Your wifey on the low I treat her like a undercover
I got her screaming like a loud pipe
I keep my cut on the low like a proud dike
Thought I was crazy back then, now I need a sike
Sh*t it on em, wheely on a brown bike

Badman really run this
Call Bounty Killer tell dem meck wi done this
Tell dem fi bring hi back
Come meck the son redundant
Stunt gang man Alliance in abundance

Badman wi do bad things
Badman wi do bad things
badman wi do bad things
Badman wi do bad things

Bad gyal shi do bad things
Bad gyal shi do bad things
Bad gyal shi do bad things
Bad gyal shi do bad things

(Verse 2)
War plane mi a land it
Mi head that under the bannit
When the Beemer pull up, it full up
Get the hammer mi slam it
Me set this foundation fi some bwoy build pon it
Mi a go rise back up mi nine and write back kill pon it
Dem go watch kill panic
Killing kill panic
If mi buck up one a mi ex gyall all mi do still connect
Tell some a wi come up bad bwoy wi run this planet
Push mi gun up in a yo mouth, lips pon it
Browning when mi a buss weh shi go speak es-panic
A nuh woman fi you look a just bullet kiss from it
You nuh si six pon it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Oh when I came from Jamaica
I ain’t land in the villa
Herd they calling Safaree
So ammo call Bounty Killer

A clap dem like a Gorilla
The ground God Zilla
From here to Mandela
Dem know seh man a blood spiller

Stunt Gang and Alliance
Ain’t no kitchen appliance
Cause we pulling out big guns
And dem bullet is flying

To the street man a giant
More difficult than science
Mi wi crush dem like a ants
Suh gi mi gun

Ain’t no words to be spoken
So I ain’t going further
Water House out in Kingston
Call it a lyrical murder

Safaree wa tek dem nerd yah?
Some fool that mi never herd a
Bruk when dem mess around
Dem brain a fly like abird yah

(Repeat Chorus)