Chris Brown – Discover Lyrics

(Verse 1)
This time she’s really out my life, oh
I know I gotta get her back
Just need one night to hit it right
But I can’t get her alone, no
Know she deserves to up and leave
If it was me I’d do the same
I see that girl, know that she hopes
So I’ll be damned to let it go, damned to let it go

I discover, discover I love her
Oh, I gotta get her back, oh
I discover, discover that I love her
Ooh, that would get her back

(Verse 2)
I’m guessing this is where it ends, you don’t even pick up for a ni**a
I know she’s calling all her friends, and they don’t like me, f**k y’all bi**hes
They probably tryna take her out, all up in the VIP so they can take a picture
And tryna find her ass a man, s**t, make a ni**a mad
Cause she know I’m hurting, she know that I’m hurting
Yeah she know I care, she know that I care
I can’t understand, know I treat you bad
But you don’t get me back like that, no, no
Oh, oh, I gotta get my baby, girl don’t leave me
All this crazy sh*t that you been dealing with it, you probably hate me, hey
Cause baby if you cheated, I couldn’t handle that
To know that another ni**a is making you smile like

(Repeat Chorus)

I can’t breathe, yeah
Can’t breathe, can’t breathe, yeah
Girl let me breathe again, breathe again
Let me breathe again, oh
I can’t breath, can’t sleep
Can’t dream, so weak, girl
Gotta get you back, gotta get you back
Can’t think, oh gee

(Repeat Chorus)

Get you back oh, get you back oh
Can’t think girl, oh gee oh, gee oh