Khago – Sumn Lakka Suh Lyrics

Dutty bwoy, come a gwaan like badness copper you
Like every strap in a the world a fi yo
A who tell you seh you bad? A who gassing you?
Nothing cyaa turn back the rubber from clap in you

Bwoy, couple inna him
Sumn like a suh
Go fi him in a him
A sumn like a suh
Marrow flick out a you
A supn like a suh
Chigger finger meck yo duppy bat flick yah suh

(Verse 1)
Bwoy waan mi fraid a you
After you nuh Lucifer
Bwoy how you chat so much?
Supn like a Jenifer
Shot in a yo leg
Burn you like a paprika
Bwoy a gorilla warfare from Africa
Bwoy in a yo brother white T shot a stain it up
And if mi cyaa catch harry mi a catch the shirt
And if mi cyaa win the bottle mi a mash the cup
Nobody naw live in a the house weh you cuddle up

(Repeat Chorus 2X)