YG – City Mad ft. Mozzy & Slim 400 Lyrics

Lord help me father
Protect me from all enemies all evil all together
I promise on bloods

(Chorus – YG)
Right now my city mad
Everybody tryna make it, have my homies doing bad
Damn I got get this cash
Gotta keep a clear mind, gotta keep one in the stash
Got redacted so sad
Caught him with his kids still took what he had
Right now my city mad
Everybody tryna get it but don’t know where it’s at

(Verse 1 – YG)
All the finessers gone hate me
But chomp at it better watch out for that Ko and that lean
Y’all better watch out for them fake blues
If that damn thirty eight dotted up they ain’t true
The city mad cause everybody ain’t got it
You do what you want when you popping
But everybody ain’t poppin
I’m like the only one out the city dropping
So they gotta f**k with me, they ain’t got an option
And I know ni**as hate that
I got this far I wasn’t supposed to make it
Moving like a boss with ni**as I knew from way back
Gun, K-four, check, I got someone to take that
Known fact, don’t get caught without the ham
Cause they’ll leave your body shots on Instagram
The nineteen, nineties all the crips was popping
But now the Damus got it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Mozzy)
Yeah, off the dribble, three hundred shot at meechy
Yeah I’m doing hundred shells on the weekly, easy
I’m a sleazeball when it get greasy
Kick the yadadamean? that’s for sheezy
Ha? ni**as mad about the YG collab
If it’s funky it’s funky
So when you see me it’s stacked
Grind hard and fall asleep in the trap
Tryna put my ni**as on but we gon leave it at that
Pull on luck come and f**k with a mafia
A blood brain dead that’s considered a body
Paypal jaypay, ni**as is Charlie
If I told you that I got him, I got him, s**t ain’t nothing
Been patrolling the circumference since a youngin
It’s embedded in me, I’m thugging baby I love it
I’ve witnessed some s**t that you couldn’t stomach
The substance that I’m kissing the only way I can function

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Slim400)
It’s murder murder had to talk about this four-hundred
Pay off’s been dead, so my real ni**a’s been mad
Bi**hes take it call, been take this cash
Down for whatever so this rapping sh*t my back
Wiggle off, really slide when it’s war ni**a
All my life was in the pen take that store ni**a
Damn this s**t is sad, these b*tch ni**as making it
Snitch ni**as faking it, us real ni**as have pathed his way
If I don’t see your hand when I’m talking I don’t feel this
Wild, robbed the stash, on my daughter I can get it
Yeah I’m bracking, little bit, bout my money I ain’t stopping
Yeah I’m Slim to get it popping yeah
F**k y’all ni**as, got no love for y’all ni**as
Clear your mind, ain’t no trust for y’all ni**as
I fall back, get to bus at y’all ni**as
I get this paper, can’t be bad
Four hundred from the block
And this Bompton sh*t ni**a
Never stop, four block