R. Kelly – Let’s Be Real Now ft. Tinashe Lyrics

(Intro – R. Kelly)
I don’t know if I’ma be able to give you what you want

(Verse 1 – R. Kelly)
No disrespect to the things that you want girl but you f**king crazy
Got me working this overtime shift loving you but you don’t even pay me
And now you wanna blame me
Say it’s my fault for your heartache and pain, s**t
You created this storm, so don’t try to run, baby here come the rain
Tell me how can I trust you when you’re still in contact with all of these guys
Do you really think I’ma come home and lay in your bed full of lies

(Pre Chorus 1 – R. Kelly)
You’re just an actress, and this love is a scene
But you expect me to show up with a ring
Come on

(Chorus – R. Kelly)
Let’s be real now
Let’s be real now
Come on, come on, come one
Let’s be real now
What do I look like to you, seriously?
Come on, let’s be real

(Verse 2 – Tinashe)
No disrespect to the time that we spent but boy you must be tripping
You expect me to post up at home for you, but now the tables are flipping
And now you wanna blame me, cause everyone else realized what they was missing
I bet you feel dumb now, bet you feel so dumb right now
It’s hardly a secret, you f**ked with my head
Had me believe it was all because I did it for love
And that was enough
When really you put in no effort instead

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Bridge – R. Kelly)
There ain’t nothing that I won’t do
From jumping off buildings, moving the mountains
Swim the sea for you
Whatever you want babe, I’ll do it
You just let me beg, I’ll do it
Anything you ask, I’ll do it
See that smiling face
There ain’t nothing i won’t do for you
Ride or die, I’d take one for you
Any and everything except your fool

(Repeat Chorus 2X)