Gage – When The Star Shine (Hotline Bling Remix) Lyrics

Rain stop fall when the star shine
All dem pretty ladies dem is all mine
God damn bwoy you lose yo damn mind
Front runner fi the dancehall front line

Everytime mi burn mi weed
F**k anything dem a pree
Liquor in a cup mi G
Pree a catty fat pu**y

Mr’s Kitty body turn up
Suh mi staring like a little fluff
Ishawna yo nukki nough

(Verse 1)
Hi fit you silly cone breast hi nuh
Mi seh truly, truly
Man love you nukki
Da weed yah taste like tootie fruiti
Away you blew mi
Mi tell him again hot when coolie, coolie
And don’t refuse hi
You know mi like that and mi love you nukki
Man love you truly

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
But fi get da gyal yah it’s like sell him a song
Sell him a song, sell him a song
Gyal a seh shi ready fi rome, ready fi rome
Shi ready fi rome
Up to the time, but no dem time up
First in a line, not even in a line up
Dem seh dem run the place, seh dem run the streets
Lie dem like hi nuh
Nuh waan gi mi, mi try hi nuh
All dem a try hi nuh
All dem a try hi nuh

(Repeat Chorus 2X)