50 Cent – I’m the Man ft. Sonny Digital Lyrics

(Verse 1 – 50 Cent)
I came in the world grinding and fussing
Ni**a we had nothing
Every ghetto, i know the same
We try to make a little change
Preaching man come around talking
I don’t wanna hear it, keep walking
I’ma put the powder in a pot
Whip it till I’m pulling off a lot
Imagine when i pull off the light
New s**t come without a top
Once I’m on i ain’t never gone stop
Bi**h I’m on i ain’t never gone stop

I’m the Man
I’m the Man

(Verse 2 – 50 Cent)
Ey, came in the game getting money
Flip chicks, wip, getting money
Ni**as keep to playing with the money
Clique bang for the money
S**t changed over money
They love to see a ni**a on a bottom
Catch it coming gotta keep it on the low
A ni**a plug bless a ni**a with a hoe
Wanna break the bi**h down in a 36 hoes
Looking here bi**h i’m A okay
Shorty wanna f**k with me
Stripping get the check and
Then she go to hit my line
We ain’t gon waste no time
She s**king and we f**king like she need me
Plus she make a bankroll easy
All the light in the room from the tv
We getting it on then im gone, its the type of sh*t that a ni**a be on

(Bridge – 50 Cent)
Too much on my mind right now
Im on a grind right now
Looking for me s**ker than i need to be found right now
I got my nine right now
Bi**h i blow your mind right now
I ain’t f**king around right now
Better get in line right now
I f**k around and die right now

(Chorus – Sonny Digital)
Hope you understand that
Bi**h I’m the man, ho I’m the man, you know I’m the man
Bi**h I’m the man, ho I’m the man, you know I’m the man
Bi**h I’m the man, ho I’m the man, you know I’m the man
Bi**h I’m the man, ho I’m the man, you know I’m the man

(Verse 3 – 50 Cent)
I’m a bonafide grade A hustler
A1 can’t touch ya
Ni**a like me, i be with the s**t
Try stick me i’mma get you hit
Do you know just how i get down?
Bad bi**hes around
They smoking and they drinking and i’m thinking it can all work out
Seen your bi**h back blown out
It’s never nothing personal believe me
I f**k her now your bi**h don’t wanna leave me
She talking about taking flights tonight when im out of town, not around, she want me to fly in to put it down
It’s nothing to a real ni**a had her a*s flying in first class
Cause you seem to be regular, she don’t want nothing regular
Turn me on when she talk spanish, that fat ass, you know i want get with it, so lady let’s get it

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)