DJ Carisma – Til the Morning ft. Chris Brown & DeJ Loaf Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Chris Brown)
It’s a party on the weekend, know you been working hard all day
Now it’s time to turn up, yeah I know you feel the same
Baby you just wanna go out, just to do little dancing
It’s a shame you brought yo man with you, know you feeling kinda antsy

(Pre Chorus – Chris Brown)
Let me show I got everything paid for
If he got a problem I got way more
She f**king with a boss, I make a name for
And I’mma give her everything she came for

(Chorus – Chris Brown)
Til the morning
I’mma do my thing, girl I ain’t lying we gon do this
Til the morning
Cause you’re all I need, I don’t need no sleep tonight
Til the morning
Gon and tell your friends that I don’t get tired
We gon do this til the morning
Oh yeah babe, oh yeah babe, we gon do it til the morning

(Verse 2 – DeJ Loaf)
Party, party, party
Pass me the coco, take a shot to the air like
He wanna take me home, put me in the bed and feel my body, body, body
But you gotta come better cause I got my own bread
I got thousands, thousands, thousands, yeah, yeah
Why you asking all these questions? Ni**as gotta be the feds
Said I’m single but I ain’t lonely
Want you, then I have you ni**a slowly but surely
It’s midnight, got a flight in the morning
Dancefloor, baby all like
And I want you, one night only this is torture
Seen it through the jeans yeah d**k so enormous
Yo, and I just want a portion
And baby go ahead and show me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Chris Brown)
Party, party and put your glass in the air
If you in love make a toast, take your clothes off, put yo ass in the air
This is the party, party and I know you don’t really do this all the time
Got your body on mine and your man over there looking mad as hell

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)