Lil Wayne – Fresh Lyrics

(Intro – Mannie Fresh)
No Ceilings 2, No Ceilings Dos
No Ceilings Bisexual, that means two
Freaky! Here we go!

(Chorus – Mannie Fresh)
Tunechi in the building
His house ain’t got no ceiling
These hoes, they catching feelings
We bout to make a billion
Stop that bi**h
Tune, Tune, Tune, Tune
Tune, Tune, Tune, Tune
Step up to the mic, ni**a
Get that bi**h right, ni**a
Step up to the mic, ni**a
Get that bi**h right, ni**a

(Verse – Lil Wayne)
No Ceilings 2, No Ceilings 2
Next to Lil Tunechi, you are so minuscule
So pitiful, dope in the spoon
Bout to go grizzly bear, no Winnie Pooh
Gun under table, hand on the Bible
My homies on my side, oh you dead on the Bible
I’m tatted up, I’m tribal, and I’m ducking trial
I used to throw my money away, now I recycle
Shout out to the Vice Lords and the Disciples
That’s that gang talk, you need subtitles
We send his Scud Missile, your bi**h in love with us
We sipping mud, sippers, more cane than a cripple
Look I am nobody cause nobody’s perfect
Abracadabra, I make a hoe out a virgin
I treat her like a servant, thanks for your service
I’m cold like sherbet, got it sewed up like a surgeon
It’s me and Mannie Fresh back together, bi**h we merging
The jokes on them and we smirking
Man f**k them ni**as, they hurting
She deep throat like a serpent
I stole out too many purses
Got too many bi**hes flirting
It’s No Ceilings 2, curtains

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Lil Wayne)
Mula, baby!