Rich Homie Quan – The Most ft. Young Thug Lyrics

(Chorus – Rich Homie Quan)
She don’t like Atlanta, so I flew her to the coast
She ain’t like that Bentley, so I bought that ho a ghost
If she ain’t like the reservoir, I swear that ho won’t go
She ain’t do the less, boy, I swear she do the most
I swear she do the most, she do the most, she do the most
I swear she do the most, she do the most, she do the most, she do the most
She ain’t like that Bentley, so I bought that ho a ghost
She ain’t from Atlanta, so I flew her to the coast
I swear she do the most, the most, the most, the most, the most she do the most

(Verse 1 – Rich Homie Quan)
Shawty got a bad attitude, but I ain’t mad at her
Fat ass, looking like she knew I took a grab at it
Scream ass, running through the school, took a stab at em
Mighty food bad for me, college school classing
All this Louis V, I feel like comin’ to America
With being ’bout we ain’t even rich, frosted like we cereal
Talk loud, I ain’t hearing ya, these ni**as delirious
That’s a Lamborghini, no Ford, but I know George and I’m curious
Curiosity killed the cat, I heard that
I couple of bags, a couple of packs, I served that
And If I said it, I can’t take my word back
From east Atlanta all the way to old nat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Rich Homie Quan)
How does it feel to make a mil
When you ain’t even signed yet?
I’m sitting here like f**k a deal
Cause it ain’t even crossed my mind yet
I know that I gotta feed my family
No matter the circumstances you gotta keep them happy, yeah
When the money gone, who there? aye
When the money gone, who cares? aye, nobody
She sweat

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Young Thug)
Left me chilling
I left a girl from Philly, because she gave me no ceilings
I kept the girl chilly, because she game me no feelings
She left me none, but I cheated, so it’s no dealings
Now when she be me, I know she say she wanna kill em
She say I left holes in the heart, she couldn’t heal em
Man, I f**ked all of her friends that ain’t friends she wanna kill em
But it’s only her fault, cause when we f**ked, she used to tell em
Especially this one bad bi**h named Mia
See, I was sex limited, f**king was like a million
And I ain’t gon lie, I liked it when she told me
But she should’ve told her, cause she was like Wendy Williams
Tell em all come go get it, ni**a
I shoot up the city, ni**a
Swear the god I’mma killing, ni**a
Killing ni**a, catch a case just like you pealing, ni**a
I go up, up and away
She, she gotta capture my spot, she won’t stay
She come and throw that pu*** just like paint
I owe that bi**h for everyday
I owe that bi**h for everyday
I swear to god she ain’t gon stay
My house bi**h ain’t got no name
I’m the blooded opposite of her neighbor

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Rich Homie Quan)
I swear she got my attention
Besides a difference from bi**hes, she keep a vision on digits
She got no kids on a ni**a and I love that sh*t the most
She ain’t really like that Bentley though
So I bought that ho a ghost
No matter the celebration living life
We gon toast to this lifestyle we living
These ni**as they can’t feel
These ni**as wanna be it, but can’t
Rich Homie times Rich Gang
They envy my pimping, I wear a tux, I wear skinnys
I don’t like cause she timid, she ride that pipe like a Willy
Four Willy, dirt bike, hit the clutch, baby
A cold killa at night don’t give a f**k, baby
Try your luck baby, ice is cold
Get some Kleenex, ni**a wipe your nose
Cause it’s running like you did when twelve came
Talking to them pigs, don’t mention my name
I know how it go, I been in the game
Lil shawty do the most, boy, that s**t is same
This time I change on the hat
Throw that flame on em
Drop top, bang on em
Spit it from the heart, give em pain, homie
Rather stop at Walmart, I don’t shop at Target, I might aim on em
Two condos in Georgia with my name on it