Furtyle Brain – Talk To Me Gun (Kalado & Masicka Diss) Lyrics

Go s**k yo mother bout hard ball
Kalado you a wannabee warlord
Kalado jealous true Cory-Tod a f**k Masicka
Masicka a try tell her a nuh her fault
Two fish dem a swim in a the dancehall
Mi ask mi bible how Peter fi waan spar
And mi reply a true Cory-Tod money green
Masicka roll back pon him c**key like Walmart

(Verse 1)
Mi wi migrate off a the street
And spend a life sentence in a prison over
Gunshot fry Masicka like chicken
Burn up him liver and twist up him ovals
Mi meck a gyal gimmi gun a blow job
Then kill her, caw mi nuh have no more wrongs
Any pu**y hole try cross the line
Mi kill dem, mi killing territorial
Shot gi him stoppage a water
Cause it cut winpipe, that is a slaughter
Chop neck pon site, it drop in a mawta
Dem offside dawg what a disaster
Masicka if you dis mi, mi kill you and yo one pickney
Turn yo gyal inna papa
Then mi circle the church and shoot up the hearse
Dawg what is a pastor?

Talk to mi gun
Unuh cyaa talk to mi dawg caw mi head mad
Unuh talk to mi gun
Unuh cyaa talk to mi dawg
You wi dead bad
Bare body bag
Masicka, bare body bag, bare body bag
Kalado mi a kill you ask Ti
Because mi favor the hog, favor the hog

(Verse 2)
You a dead meat in diciest
Acronym, synonym
PGIH put gunshot in a him
Gunshot heat him up like microwave
Dinner him
One open up him head top like a tin mackerel
Store shot in a him like phone number in a sim
Shot meck him fat but cungo worm is a gym
Rather him go in a grave or a pitlatrin
Bwoy body haffi stink like dog sh*t pon him
A him mouth him a chat off
Come a tell real bad man seh fi lock off
Shot play wid him heart till him heart lock off
Box down him gyal meck shi s**k wi c**k off
Now mi stand up and a look in a him donse head
And a seh him did claim him smart
And if him brother waan retaliate
Shot enter fi him brain and change him thoughts

(Repeat Chorus)