Pimp C – Friends ft. Juicy J & Nas Lyrics

(Intro – Juicy J)
Be careful, cause you can’t trust these so called friends out here
They be jealous

(Chorus – Pimp C)
What about your friends will they stay on they grind?
What about your friends will they be around?
What about your friends will they let you die?
What about your friends?
With friends like that I don’t need enemies

(Verse 1 – Pimp C)
I had a lotta ni**as that was down with me
Or should I say a lotta ni**as hang around with me?
But when I took my fall
I found out I really didn’t have many friends at all
When I was out there rolling in the Benz and ball
My momma used to get a lotta telephone calls
Ni**as tryna see how we was, I had a buzz
But all that sh*t stopped when I got popped by the fuzz
A couple ni**as kept that s**t true indeed
But not the ones I used to bail outta jail and feed
We used to smoke weed and get drunk off brew
I went to TDC, ni**a, I couldn’t find you
You couldn’t find me that’s what you told yourself
But you couldn’t tell that bulls**t to nobody else
But when they asked you how I was doing, you told em I was cool
Knowing you ain’t talk to me since I went to the pen, fool
No pictures, no conversary, money to eat
And now you think it’s all good, cause I’m back on the streets
I’m back on these beats and still blowing like the wind
But these is the ni**as that we call friends

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Juicy J & Pimp C)
In these streets and these traps, ni**a you better be strapped
Ni**as out here plotting be prepared to shoot back
Ni**a ain’t no rules, ni**a it ain’t no love
A ni**a put a knife in your ni**a, could be your blood
Kill a ni**a over money, kill a ni**a over drugs
They killing ni**as over hoes be careful who you f**k
One false move and you f**ked and out here on that bulls**t
Catch a f**k ni**as and they hit his ass with the full clip
What about your friends
Ni**as ain’t real
Ni**as ain’t trill
Ni**as be jealous
Over the hoes, over the whips, over the crib
Ni**as be broke, pockets be hurt
Ni**a be stressed
Ni**a be learning
Whoop your friend, you gotta murk em
Payback it’s closed curtains

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Nas)
It’s so ill, pop no pills
Straight Henn a toast to Pimp C , now on to fake friends
Tina best friend husband f**king her cousin
Her cousin, she think her baby by Tina husband
But Tina had a miscarriage by me
Ten months later, Tina had a baby, it’s deep
Soon the whole hood to be related
Like an African tribe, misplacement situated
13, she’s already ripping
So whoever daughter she is, she will bout to be in grandpa position
And pot, no pot to piss in
Man, stop and listen
Your man from the sand box, he on the stand snitching
His John Hancock, got em land chops with his misses
Home exonerated cause he cooperated
I peep the bulls**t coming, the streets taught me
And in abundance, now my circle a hundred

(Repeat Chorus)