Dexta Daps – War Start Lyrics

Rassclaat you send fi pow-pow
Mi a send fi the pow-pow-pow
Anyweh mi eyes see the pu**y-hole
The dawg a bark pow-pow-pow
Six pants, belly big, belly bwoy
Whitey, red how-how-how
Nozzle long like Pinocchio nose
You borrow wifi deh paw corner

Thing dem draw, wing dem pop
No obeah man cyaa bring dem back
When the thing dem claat
Pu**y fly weh like a wing dem got
Mi firing pon dem hot
Nozzle eye like a pill dem pop
If you know yo voice
You wi know the rifle nuh gi children slap

One foot over the roof top
Anybody waan know weh mi do check the news flash
Run up paw you crew and seh over the moon
The dog dem follow dem shoes tracks
Cover dem coose bad
Bacacam, backa dem two clap
Two drop wid two strap

Wifey telescope a three lot
Gunshot a sail like a sea bike
Gun dem turn on like a key in a it
The pu**y dead in a the midnight
Yo bow cat friend chat up and shot clap him pon him free nights
Mi naw clap ten from the mack ten
Less mi tek three life
Kidnap all you meck yo sister bwal
And shoot yo sister father
License bryko buss the turn
Am a register former

Mi nuh tek diss in a order
From no lyricist performer
Me nuh mister palmer
But si sipn yah pon a twist yo carda

Six pants well strap round mi neck like a Jesus piece
Seem deh to how the sound a tek dem seh jesus please
Mi love fi turn him out in a the crowd and dem seh mistake
Risk it all, but from a dem soldier dem nuh business

This yah life a go lost hi nuh
Brain a go leak pistachio
Worst you up dem cyaa see yo
C-View man dem gone fi you
Light up the place
Pu**y you fi know mi nuh left the 4×4
Well oil down wid the WD4
You wi find him body at eleven half four

Many diss and many drop
Put a chip in a every cop
When the Smith and Weston clap
Marrow fly like elicaptor
Any bwoy diss the Daseca gang get capture
Sniper a lick in him head back
Hollow point bite him

Mi glad mi bad, ever have mi bag
Just get a new thing
You waan see how the nozzle long
Man fi have gyal weh bad
Some pu**y not even know the mount a place weh man govern