Versatile – Be Careful Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Sit down a wish fi wi dead
Car crash or bullet in a wi head
But tell badmind said
Wi smoke and fross but wi naw lose wi medz

While mama shi a pray fi her Godson
The bugger dem a pray fi wi pop down
Dem spread rumors now a couple day man lock down

That’s why mama seh be-careful of the haters out there
Shi seh be-careful son but don’t have no fear

Mama seh becareful of the haters out there
Be-careful son but don’t have no fear

(Verse 2)
A nough a dem waan si wi turn failure
Mi nuh pree the hater caw Jah-Jah have a plan fi dem
Wa dem a grudge fi the paper when wi a do the labor
Wi never yet damn si dem
Must true mi nuh do the things dem weh fancy dem
Like tek off mi shirt and pants gi dem
Dem waan yo life fi end
But a wid you dem smile and pretend

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)