Tommy Lee Sparta Ft Jr Dillinger – Badman Party Lyrics

(Verse 1)
When mi touch the road every clip pon load
Bullet a cut through yo flesh like sword
When mi rise up the gun everything start
Gunshot a beat paw yo head like drum

This is we life a suh the thing go
Bad from we born a suh the
This a nuh-nuh movie, this a nuh-nuh show
Tommy Lee you better warn some pu**y hole hi nuh

Sparta it nuh take no talk
Shouldn’t mess we have no heart
Any bwoy diss marrow fly like hawk
Is you think yo bad just talk

Some bwoy only bad in a song
Sparta bad from the first day wi born

Up in a the club gyal a whine pon me
This is a badman party

The money and the fame never push we away
Big up the bad gyal shorty
A show dem face like me

Badman nuh frighten suh easy
The whole a dem bwoy deh a try
Likkle fool you was never born like me

(Verse 2)
Mi nuh duppy
Mi nuh love man pu**y hole stop watch mi
Any bwoy diss me dem go die
God know say me nuh tell no lie

Up in a the club it is a badman party
Money wi a meck suh the gyal dem love wi
Papers stocked up to the sky
Bad from mi born seet in a my eye

All real badman meck mi see you hand
From you know yo bad represent where you from
From you know no bwoy cyaa beat you like drum
Rise every gun in a the air and buss one

(Repeat Chorus)