Omarion – Netflix & Chill Lyrics

Someone knock on the door
Door opens
I see you back for the trilogy
Omarion and your chick, yo chick
Or her chick

(Verse 1)
Do you remember when, I had your legs
And I was going in, don’t know why you tryna front
Like I don’t know how to make you beg for it
I wanna hear you beg for it¸

(Pre Chorus)
Cause soon as my tongue hit that pu**y
You know you be losing your mind babe
The moment that you give it to me
You know you be screaming, it’s my name
So don’t be playing with a ni**a girl
You know how I am when I get off that liquor girl
I been mixing up the brown with the white
So I’m on one tonight…Yeah

Let me know how you feel
Don’t want
Come thru we can Netflix & Chill
But we gon be f**king tonight and you know it
So what’s good, what’s the word, what’s the deal
Baby you know, yeah you know I’ma care
I get you right everytime that’s for real
So do it for the thrill, do it for the thrill…Yeah

(Verse 2)
When she come over and bust it open just for old time sake
What would you do if I told you to come and sit it on my face
That’s how I’m feeling right now
Let’s make it happen, don’t hold back baby
Go and make it nasty, go and make it
Nasty for a ni**a cause you know that
I’ma give you everything you want without you even asking

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

For the thrill
Do it for the thrill
Do it for the thrill
Do it for the thrill