Meek Mill Is The “2015 Ja Rule” And Rick Ross Is A Fake Gangster

Is Meek mill the “2015 Ja Rule?”

Unless you’re living in a cave for the last couple of months, then you would have known that Meek Mill took on Drake and took a big L and he was a sore loose also.

Most if not all of the industry thinks that Meek took a huge hit, as well as, the label that he is signed to, Maybach Music Group.

Drake Going After DJ Drama For Leaking Quentin Miller Track To Meek Mill

Queens rapper Bang Em Smurf got very vocal while weighing in on Meek Mill losing a rap beef to Drake this summer.

“I think Meek Mill played himself,” Smurf told Mikey T The Movie Star during an interview. “He instigated a war then he just tucked his tail. Where they do that at? It’s only in the MMG camp they do that. Them n*ggas ain’t looking good in these streets.”

Smurf also said that rap fans in the Caribbean are going in on Meek Mill calling him the “2015 Ja Rule.”

“Even in Trinidad, Meek lost his stripes,” Smurf said. “They’re calling him the Ja Rule of 2015.”

Smurf also called Meek Milly’s boss Rick Ross an industry fake gangster.

In July, Meek Mill went on Twitter and called out Drake accusing the Young Money rapper of not writing his own raps. Drake responded with not one but two diss tracks in a matter of days.

The beef spawned a firestorm of memes making fun of Meek Mill. The Philly emcee made things worst for himself when he released his diss song “Wanna Know.” The rap world called it weak and that prompted Drizzy to abandoned the feud calling it a waste of time.

Meek Mill eventually take down the diss song from SoundCloud and offer Drake an olive branch.

Do you think the Meek Mill is the “2015 Ja Rule.”