Gyptian – Anything You Want Lyrics

Anything you want form me my beautiful girl
I’ll give it
I’ll give my all to you
Just to make you be so true

Even though sometimes we fight my baby
Who doesn’t?

Every lovers do
Just to make your love be true

(Verse 1)
And I don’t care where you wanna go
And I don’t care where you wanna be
I know that I will be by your side
And use my love as your guide and your key

Baby take me and I go
Now that your safe with me
Give my love and give my pride
Cause I am her king

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I take you away
To the over place
And I`ll take you to the finest
And I will show you that am the greatest
I’ll be your hero
If it broken baby come and tell me
So I can help you

(Repeat Chorus)