Popcaan – God Alone Lyrics

Hi deh right in-front dem eye
Still dem play a blind eye
Hi deh right in-front dem face
Oh God

Hi nuh easy when people a ignore yo struggle dem
It nuh easy when people a trouble you
And you naw trouble dem

And every time mi try fi build it up
Dem try hard fi bring you down

Sometime you feel like giving up
Am not giving up
Yo mad!

God a you alone seet
How much people a sleep pon street

Yea God a you alone seet
Emotions weh mi hide

And a you alone know
You alone seet oh God
You don’t know

(Verse 1)
Notnice, dem trying hard to get wi out
How dem a go stop mi now
And a King Celassie High let mi out
How dem a go drop mi now

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Ghetto youth listen mi keenly
The system nuh easy believe mi
Some a dem wi kill you neatly
When dem tell you seh dem love you dem nuh mean hi
Youths behave yo self, and nuh sell yo self
The same one weh grudge you a the one dem weh you help
Suh protect yo self and preserve yo health
Every pagans weh rise against the thing haffi go melt
Watching dem under mi felt
Act intelligent
None a dem cyaa stop mi riches and the wealth
Dem naw see no block and no cement
No jail time nuh spend
Dem waan destroy weh mi build

(Repeat Chorus)