Jadakiss – Kill ft. Lil Wayne Lyrics

What am I a real ni**a
This coupe I’m in cost a mil ni**a
Ni**as hating I feel ni**as
AK47 locked and loaded bout to kill ni**as
Huh now what you say, I’m bout to kill ni**as
AK 47 locked and loaded bout to kill ni**as

(Verse 1 – Jadakiss)
Real ni**as love me bi**hes they ain’t never stop
Hating ni**as f**k them they can eat a bunch of c**k
Ima move this white sh*t all you do is punch the clock
Nobody arrested all they did was rush the block
Do it for my realies cause they the ones who feel me
Til God calls for me or 1 of these ni**as kill me
As far as the rap game go I’m the Achilles
Last man standing quit flipping fast gramming
My back against the wall what I do blast cannon
Pre-mediated I already planned it
Let you see that barrel burner to your eye
Its assault if he lives but its murder if he dies, f**k him

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Lil Wayne)
Don’t start no s**t won’t be no s**t
She a cancer I hit her with the chemo d**k
I’m married to the mob my tuxedo fit
Now can you treat a blood like a mosquito bi**h
I’m the exterminator they call me terminator
I cock this motherf**ker back and Arnold Schwarzenegger
I’m still a Martian ni**a approach with caution ni**a
I’m bout to kill em baby no abortion ni**a
Toss a ni**a in a river wearing sea men shoes
Smoking quarters and pounds I’m on my p’s & q’s
And my redbone taste like strawberry shortcake
I’m still trying to find a pain killer for heart break
I’m in this bi**h kush in this swisher
I’m with my ni**as y’all witnesses
RIP to them fake ni**as
VIP to my scape ni**as

(Pre Chorus)
What am I, a lil ni**a
Still do it bigger than Shaquille ni**a
Ni**as hating, I feel ni**as
AK47 locked and loaded bout to kill ni**as