Dr. Dre – Naked Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Dr. Dre)
Red bottoms on a red head
Fake molly, fair body
We get it popping when she at her best
Cause it’s a party when she bout it
Shots dropping now she out her dress
And girls coming out the closet
A superstar on some private s**t

(Verse 2 – Sly Piper)
Make a promise not to tell nobody
If she hot enough to get it, well get it girl
You know what it is, I don’t get offended girl
Mmm, mmm
Come and kick it with a player, enjoy your world
You better open up, let me hit it and join your world
Like the ceiling, reveal it before I kill it
She tried to go and tell the city I loved her but no, I didn’t
F**k ni**a no I didn’t, get comfortable doe eye dipping
Then wonder what she was feeling
Her number does not exist in my phone, and I overlooked her
Her friends were looking me over
And I ain’t got time for nothing
But you to come out them clothes and get naked

(Chorus – Sly Piper)
She gon do it all for a player like me
I bet if she could she would make it naughty
You know what she do when she hang around me
She like to get naked
She don’t have to worry ’bout s**t for one night
All because we know we only getting one life
Probably because her momma don’t know what she like

(Outro – Dr. Dre & Marsha Ambrosius)
Yeah take it easy
Strip tease me
Let’s get naked