Puff Daddy & Sevyn Streeter – Help Me Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Puff Daddy)
Last night was like my last night
High as f**k behind the wheel, I almost crashed twice
And when you worth half a bill people mad nice
But when that money go that’s when all the hunnies go
Everything was wonderful until we ended under scope
On the corner, Air Force One, Polo to bubble coats
We was selling dope
I had a key looking like I had a ton of coke
Cause I would never let me see me sweat
See me stress, no even bet
We was up 24 for that paper like CVS
Cause they was playing checkers, they really believe in chess
We jump pawns, knock down queens and screaming, check
Cause I was running with Big, you was doin it small
I was building a bridge, you was hoping it’d fall
Cop cook and collect, raise a coke and a straw
We been getting this money, these bi**hes know who we are
I’m from a hood where 14 bricks
Will have your homie try and do you like Po did Mitch
I used to go to my chicks spot like, hold this brick
Young ni**a told me I’m old, I said, old and rich
Then I said, you better pray you make it old as this
And when you catch a case, boy, don’t spill them bowl of grits
And ni**as they break fast when that toaster lick
And ain’t no Instagram when they posting pics
Just a bulletin board circling him and his boys
Wasn’t ready to lace boots and had Timberlands on
I got paper wasn’t doing what all these ni**as was doing
I hit the road and I was going wherever Benji was going
We ate the whole cake crumbs ’til the Entamens gone
Made history at night and reminisce in the morning
I’m talking ten years before Dre put Eminem on
Before Roc and G-Unit we had Kiss and them on
I’m talking more Styles than P before Biggie was gone
And almost twenty years later still Biggie we mourn
Baby baby, yeah, baby baby
Yeah, these harlem streets raised me
Mama know she made me a million dollar baby
Look at me now, s**t’s crazy

(Chorus – Sevyn Streeter)
Water rising fast, I’m sinking
Water rising fast, I’m sinking
Drift and I’m so far away from shore
So unsure, so unsure
Somebody help, somebody, somebody, somebody
Somebody, somebody help, somebody help me

(Verse 2 – Puff Daddy)
La Cosa Nostra, move like we’re supposed to
Rich like Oprah, b*tch, hold the toaster
We in the Benz Sprinter right on the sofa
Inside’s cream, the outside’s mocha
Coffee color, I buy a b*tch a fur coat to match the yorkie color
Of course he rugged, mean dreams that haunt a brother
Still haunt me
Facing times square ni**a, you can’t taunt me
I’m a rocket, you can’t launch me
Gift of soul, drift cool rides along me
Go ahead and Diddy Pop
Flying through a city block sitting in a pretty drop
Acting like a idiat, yeah, I mean idiot
Millions on these diamonds, s**t, looking hidious
But I know my mind probably came from the pyramids
And I’m in a zone on my own, be clear of it

(Repeat Chorus)