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Vybz Kartel Says Beenie Man Badmind Insists That Dancehall Is Incarcerated

Vybz Kartel has responded to Beenie Man recent comment that dancehall is not in jail.

Beenie Man recently blast the “Cake Soap” deejay during a recent interview where he was asked about Kartel’s statement that dancehall is in jail.

A rep for the incarcerated deejay told us that Kartel views Beenie Man as just another envious artist.

“Beenie is just another badmind deejay and it’s very clear how angry he was in the interview when the host spoke about Vybz Kartel,” a rep for Kartel told us. “Beenie Man is one of the most badmind deejays in the business. He is just showing us that he has to talk about Vybz Kartel to get people to listen to him. Even from prison Kartel still running dancehall.”

The World Boss rep also told us that he is still insisting that dancehall is in jail.

Beenie Man is not backing down from his stance and several other artists are agreeing that dancehall is still going on without Vybz Kartel presence.


  1. Yeah man kartel is dancehall to much badmind

  2. What else should we expect to hear from “Kartel” and his so-called representatives? I don’t expect them to agree with Beenie Man. This utter rubbish, seemingly, there is no room for dissent in dancehall. Moses’ comment was not negative–the man has all right to opine and there is no rule that state that he has to agree with Kartel and Kartel’s fanatics.

    When Kartel was trying to segue from Bounty Killer, he aligned himself with Beenie Man, what does that say about Kartel? This notion of “badmind” is just malarkey. Every time a person opposes the prevailing though, such a person is labeled as being “bad minded” and that had created an environment where individuals are discouraged to comment in an honest regard.

    Now, why would Beenie envy Kartel–when Beenie is the more accomplished star in all tangible regard? Not to mention, Kartel is in prison and Beenie can go wherever and do whatever he wishes.

    • How nieve you are and out of touch with dancehall. Beenie Man, Shabba, Buju, Bounty, Sizzla, Capalton and others have all contributed to dancehall however none of them even when in there prime have demonstrated the power and Mastery of the Teacher.

      • Let me entertain your statement for a second–I don’t want to jump to any conclusions–what do you mean by mastery and power?

    • Seriously? You think people read these long ass comments?

  3. Dancehall enthusiast

    But seriously, Kartel is dancehall, I’m not here for the back and forth tracing, just pointing out bcuz of Kartel, the slower less uptempo riddims of the past became obsolete, and when he did that he changed his styles and pioneered new ways of deejaying, now everyone has stopped the deep voiced straight from the stomach voice type of deejaying style that was popular in the 80’s and 90’s , also he is by far the most relevant artists in dancehall, the most influential, and is poised to becoming dancehall’s Bob Marley, his kids are already making use of his legacy and massive fan base just like “Gong”

    • If Kartel were dancehall, why is it that there are some many other artistes making more money than him and touring more extensively Kartel has ever toured–whilst producing way better “music” than Vybz Kartel?

      Don’t jumble up the 80’s and 90’s dancehall as they are not one in the same. Kartel in in prison, he has not surpassed Beenie and Bounty’s influence–when those two men were in their prime–hence, when is Kartel going to continue this marathon? Please note that Sizzla and Buju are also dancehall artistes and if we are to speak of Marley level influence, we can’t ignore Jr. Gong, Sizzla or Buju.

      Kartel has potential and I fear that his true potential will never be realized…

  4. “Even from prison Kartel still running dancehall.”

    The type of mind who believes he’s the Alpha and Omega of dancehall is the same mind that believes the life of a man is worth only two guns.
    It’s sad when a mind breaks and takes fantasy for reality. Prison life must be real hard on the psyche.

  5. Kartel is Dancehall.

  6. no one man can ever run danchall thats crazy …the music was there before kartel an it will be there after him, so i dont know where this one individual get this mind set from that hes danchall music.kmt

  7. Jackie Stephenson

    Vybz I like you but I have to give this one to Beenie he has been around forever he ain’t no rookie like Alkaline and Tommy Satan Sparta. Where is lizard did you feed him to your pit bull? Vybz why you do this to yourself man? Look how much money you man.