Jeremih Royalty Ft. Big Sean & Future Lyrics

(Chorus – Future)
Club jam packed, they gon treat us like we royalty
Club jam packed, they gon treat us like we royalty
Got bad bi**hes in the VIP in our section
They want girls kissing girls, that’s how we do it, flexing yeah

(Post Chorus – Future)
Shawty wanna ride with the team, go on and come
Mollies and em perks, got these young bi**hes sprung
I know you enjoying this moments
Let’s get some girls to go turn up
I brought some cash, we can burn up
Do you like new s**t now, now, now
Tell your ex well, well, well
I be the ni**a that take your bi**h from you and give her right back to you
You should be thanking me ni**a, cause I gave her right back to you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 1 – Jeremih)
Know you got some new tricks, no?
Moving yo hips, no?
Now she gon get it, hold it back for a ni**a
Know you make me wanna dip around
Maybe we could trip around
Right eye is the visual, this right eye is the
Your games all I wanna play, all day
Any way, every way
We need either sun or day, I can’t wait
Chemistry, penetrate

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Big Sean)
Taking more shots than the cops, that’s tragic
It’s ok as long as you don’t turn in to a habit
I know you like drinking out the bottle, f**k a glass though
I know when we f**k you like that finger in your ass though
I keep it on the low, low, low
Do I want you to stop? No, no, no
I know that ni**as with papers that pu**y
I get it free with the promo code
Phone’s off, no phone calls and no stress
Put that crown on your wrist, that’s a Rolex
That’s because you’re royalty
They gon wan put on a show for me
They gon wanna show for me
When I take the camera out just make sure you pose for me
You know that little dress that you wear, the little one, it do the most for me
You get high, go drop it low for me
When the drama coming go and open up the door, make sure you close to me
Make sure you close to me cause the

(Repeat Post Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Jeremih)
Is that her body on a day to day?
All up on your database
I just had to see your face
Last time I see your face
Netflix, weed, Patron
They here, we can’t control
Your drug, I overdose
I think you sold your soul