Rick Ross Fiance Lira Galore Laugh Off Breakup Rumors

Rick Ross fiance Lira Galore is dismissing breakup rumors by posting a candid photo of herself and the boss sharing a laugh.

Reports started circulating on Monday that the two have split following a recent scandal involving Meek Mill.

Rick Ross Denies Being Married To Lira Galore

But the model is laughing it off. Sources are saying that Lira Galore and Rozay are happier than ever and are busy making plans for their wedding.

Candid ..??

A photo posted by Lira Mercer (@lira_galore) on

“This is just another random rumor, but Rozay and Lira have a wedding to plan and couldn’t be happier right now,” sources said.

Last week Meek Mill was drawn into the rumors after a photo of Lira Galore sitting on his lap surfaced online.

The MMG rapper denied that their was any relationship between them before she hooked up with his boss Rick Ross.



  1. Lira Galore???? Sounds like someone you would see in a strip club! This aint love…its all about the money baby!

    • Who the hell are U…to judge other peoples life……people love who they love if its a doctor,lawyer stripper or hoe….people are just people…its whats in ur heart that matter……

      • foh you know damn well she in it for the money. She made a post that she wanted to marry wale long before getting with ross

      • My my do you know her or something to be getting your pants in such a bunch over an opinion? Really…it ain’t that serious!