Lyrica Anderson ft. Chris Brown – Faded to Sade Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Chris Brown)
We can match a blunt up, listening to Sade
Do just what you wanna, echoes in the attic but we f**king in the basement
Didn’t notice that the sun up, we must have fell asleep to Sade
You give me a fever, I’ve been catching feelings I’m having trouble erasing

(Pre-Chorus – Chris Brown)
So it’s all up to you girl, what’s the point of playing cool?
All of us know girl you the sh*t, yeah you the truth

(Chorus – Chris Brown)
Baby I’ve been missing your love all night, jump on it
Cause baby I’ve been missing your love
So we gon do it til the morning
Girl you ain’t got s**t to say unless you talking making love
Let’s lay it down and play
Make you scream my name
I’m gonna play another love song
Gonna play that Sade, faded to Sade

(Verse 2 – Lyrica Anderson)
Let’s light another blunt up, getting faded to the Sade
Can I kiss it for a moment? I’ll relax my body while you spelling la de da di

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Bridge – Chris Brown & Lyrica Anderson)
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, I really wanna play your game
I’m ready for the way you love, I think that it’s about time for you to scream my name
Say oh, baby girl, you got that something
You know that one thing, you know what it is, your love, love

(Repeat Chorus)