Dexta Daps – Rifle Sing Sweet Lyrics

How da rifle yah sound suh sweet like Beres Hammond
It longer than the lox of Junior Gong
And you si when mi wave it
It spit fire like Capleton
Mi six pants black and ugly like Ninjaman

(Verse 1)
Pu**y defend
Know how mi would a pree fi kill you
You would a slice yo wrist
Buck him pon the nozzle a the thing
Him talk all type a s**t
Dem seh mi kinda sick
Alkida s**t
Nozzle paw yo lip, mi finger click
Just like you light a spliff
Mi wi use the woozy meck the bullet lick yo microchip
Put one in a yo granny foot fi show you seh mi psychotic
We nuh in a the bad a chatting
No we nuh like gossip
Caw when the 45 a click
Decide if you would a like a clip

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
C-View a nuh likkle time mi haffi sit up and sleep
Cause a nuh likkle bwoy wi a kick up and beat
Everyday supn haffi pick up pon street
Caw the 45 just a lick out bwoy teeth
Police dme run in pon the Dappa last week
And she yow you wid the plat up head under peek
Nuh you mi hear have a clean 16 a beat
Gyal a scream si supn weh long under sheet
Tell yo mumma buy the coffin and the reite
Cause tonight you a sleep pon the cold concrete
Too much people a seh you go bout and thief
And anyweh you go people heart start weep
Officer a beg you ask her please
The gyal weh tell you that nuh she a the last bwal please
When the glock start breeze
Bare former a pree but dem cyaa seh a we chargy

(Repeat Chorus)