Alkaline – Champion Boy Lyrics

One bag a gold medal pon mi hi nuh
Champion bwoy you know how the damn thing go
Pon a podium a sing the anthem to

Man a born sheller
Mi a the god damn bwoy
That’s why everybody hate the champion bwoy
Have a rich gyal in a the anthans bwoy
Dem wish a never me did a the champion bwoy
Norman a come a Sangsters bwoy
Flight every week mi a the god damn bwoy
Just buss and buy a mansion bwoy
Champion, mi a the champion bwoy

(Verse 1)
Have mi own a name, and mi have mi own a fame
And hi nuh need no more gypa
Mi need a money counter
Counting a get annoying sometime
Mi cyaa tek the stifle
Dem artist yah rate mi too much
Every song weh dem sing mi name in a the title
Cause a yesterday mi spend a hour pon the phone
A gi mi financial advisor advise to
Mi wish some a dem youth yah never so frighten fi gyal
Every chance dem get dem go wife up
Mi touch yo gyal hurt up her belly
And mi might go a second now if mi idle
Dem nuh have a hot song
Cyaa left the caribbean
Sometime mi wonder how dem survive
Dem did a seh mi career soon dead
A two years now and mi never feel more alive

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem yah story yah cyaa come pon ER
It haffi go-go pon profile
Mi never get no right fi a mash up the place
And a kill dem wid bare style
Mi would a be dem favorite if mi chat up wid dem
And gossip up wid dem and smile
And a who fa mother this?
Yow a who fa father this?
Somebody need fi come get dem, dem time up
The table dem end to the pot dem turn down
And it look like dem wash up to me
Wa that dem waan fia do it or not
Mi naw ask dem nuh stop study me
Cyaa member dem, yow mi don’t member dem
But a everyday dem member me
Unless you name Jodiann Maxwell you cyaa chat to me

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. William_Musellini

    its “And mi nuh need no more hype up”

    its “Mi cyaa tek this life ya”

  2. its “rich gyal inna the hamptons” not anthems that makes no sense