Wale Says “Back To Back” Is The Greatest Diss Record, Meek Mill Agree

Wale is clearly a big fan of Drake’s diss song “Back To Back” and maybe Meek Mill is agreeing with him.

Last week the two labelmates took jabs at each other after Wale made some scathing remarks about the Philly rapper on The Breakfast Club. The “Matrimony” rapper says that Meek took a big L and took a pencil and a paper to a gun fight.

Now he is defending Meek while also praising Drake. “This dude ain’t no loser,” Wale said during a recent interview.

Wale added that “Back To Back” was perhaps the greatest diss record of all time.

“Y’all don’t realize, that was the most respectful diss record of all time,” Wale said. “He didn’t say eff you. He didn’t say, ‘You a b-word. You a n-word.’ He ain’t say really nothing. He just was using his success versus your success being real kinda funny. Let alone bloodshed, there was no fights, no nothing over this. When that happened, Meek ain’t gonna be trippin like that because Meek literally hangs with people that me and them don’t get along at all. It’s just a part of the game.”

Meek Mill might be agreeing with Wale that “Back To Back” was a great record because last week a snippet of a song surfaced with Milly rapping over the same beat.

Perhaps Meek Mill will do a “Back To Back” remix.