Bobby Shmurda Talks Bail And Epic Records Relationship

Bobby Shmurda is locked behind bars and will be for quite sometime, at least until he learns his fate in February of next year.

The “Hot Ni***” rapper phoned in to Hot 97 Ebro In The Morning radio show where he sets the record straight about his bail situation and his relationship with Epic Records.

Shmurda was granted bail to the tune of $2 million but he is saying that the court is not accepting collateral, they want one hundred percent cash.

“They want 100 percent. They don’t want 25 percent. They don’t want 40 percent. They don’t want 50. They want the whole $2 million,” Bobby Shmurda said.

Since his arrest in December last year, there have been widespread speculations on why his label Epic Records is not bailing him out.

Bobby Shmurda mother, who was also on the phone call, says that the label position has remained the same since the beginning. They just don’t have the power to sign for a $2 million bail.

The NY rapper was denied bail for the fourth time when he appeared in court earlier this month.

His trial date for drugs and weapons charges is set for February 22, 2016.