Chris Brown “I Never Do Drugs Around My Daughter”

Chris Brown is clapping back at rumors that he was doing drugs around his daughter Royalty and other kids at Tyga’s son birthday party last week.

A couple of blurry images surfaced online on Friday showing Breezy and another man drinking a liquid from a Styrofoam cup believed to be lean. Brown’s daughter Royaly and a bunch of other celebrity kids were there at the venue in Los Angeles.

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“Chris has never smoke or do drugs around his daughter he was drinking soda from the cup and not lean so these blogs should stop spread false rumors,” sources close to the “Sorry” singer told Urban Islandz.

“It’s very evident that people just want to tarnish his name for their own personal gain because how could you know what was inside his cup without being there,” sources added. Anybody know Chris knows that he is very protective of his daughter. When she is on his tour there is a strict no drugs and no groupies policy in place.

Just this week Tyga came under scrutiny for posting a photo on social media of his son standing within arms length of what looked like marijuana on a coffee table.

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Clearly, celebrities are just like regular people and can not always shield there kids from all things bad. This week a video was posted on a fan page for Royalty showing Chris Brown and his daughter eating some cotton candy while a female in the background hurled off two expletives.

Brown is currently readying his new album Royalty due next month. So far the singer has released two singles “Liquor” and “Zero” which will both be on the project.

Last week he released the official artwork showing him cuddling up his 1-year-old daughter while she slept in his arms.

Do you think folks should cut celebrities a break when it comes to their kids?

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  1. Why don’t y’all just leave my baby chris brown alone

  2. Chris’s whole bad boy demeanor seems to have changed since his baby girl stole his heart. He and Royalty are a beautiful sight. BUT, unless he wants his daughter to use words like, “b—h,” before she’s even 3 years old, he needs to tell his friends not to use profanity around his daughter. Babies are like sponges. They soak up their surroundings more than most people realize.

  3. disqus_7TiI3lXPrA

    Stop trying to put Chris Brown in a category he know longer lives in or by. Don’t you idiots who are spreading that bs have anything to do in your lives? Thats an obvious, No! Well sorry but your mouth and the crap that comes out of it means nothing. So why not get a life, you loosers!

  4. AngelsSmiling1226

    Anybody proof read this article prior to printing it?

  5. It’s not folks that should cut celebrities a break. It’s you webloids that should cut them a break. You guys would write anything, straight lies, make up stories, etc just to get someone to click on your site. It’s not fair which why less people are leaving messages or clicking on these bogus sites. We already know there’s noway anyone would know what he was drinking from a picture. So stop with the falsehoods.