Popcaan Calls Young Thug ‘Shaky’ Talks Good Times Duet

Popcaan is saying that he didn’t know he would be collaborating with controversial rapper Young Thug on “Good Times.”

Popcaan is featured on a massive crossover hit song “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” by Jamie XX and also features Young Thug.

If you have been keeping up with the pop news lately you would know that Young Thug push the envelope of hip hop controversy to the point that fans and other industry personalities are calling him the first gay trap rapper.

During a recent radio interview in Trinidad and Tobago, Popcaan spoke about collaborating with Thugger.

“I was the first person to record on that track still, I actually recorded a full song,” Popcaan said. “Then they were telling me about another artist would be featured on that song but I didn’t know who it was at the moment. Because you done know how they do their thing. They reach out to other people and after a time I heard that it was Young Thug. It did also took a while to through because you done know that we are from Jamaica so we have to run people file. It wasn’t my choice you know because Young Thug kind of shaky.”

Popcaan acknowledge that the song is a really dope track and Young Thug is a huge artist.


  1. Popcaan turn Poppyshow

    • I thought Young Thug was your boy? How is Popcaan a poppyshow? He looks underdressed. The songs is great though.

      • He a poppyshow for trying to backtrack and subliminally diss Thug after the record took off. His role on the record was minor. Thug is a troll so he loves the attention, calling him shaky to save face makes him look like a clown.

      • I thought he meant “shaky” as in gay, no? It’s a good blend though.

      • Yea that’s what I mean so if he was shaky..remove ya name off the song and verse. He trying to act like he didn’t know lol poppyshow.People need to stop feeding Thug trolls,he going to do more bizzare things to sell his music.